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Shooting a good springer is the most air gun fun you can have with your clothes on!

My .02 is like JoeWayneRhea above– don’t buy more power than you need for whatever your purpose is.  If you’re planning to hunt varmints with it, you may need a more powerful springer but if you plan to shoot for fun– plinking, targets, etc.– you cannot get any better than an R7 or an HW30.  

My HW30 has more than 10,000 rounds thru it and it is THE gun I go to when I just want to to have fun and enjoy taking a few shots.  It’s super easy to cock, has a truly great trigger, and is has a classic style beauty to it.

A lower power springer is easier on scopes too but mine wears a peep sight which I love for casual plinking and reactive targets at less than 35 yards.

So, mine is, get a low power springer and shoot it till the spring breaks, the tune it and shoot some more!