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I’m a retired wildlife biologist. The seasons for many game animals are closed in most places when young are being born and for a few weeks after.  Squirrel in the U.S. give birth (usually) twice a year. First in early Spring (March) and late summer.

Frankly, though squirrels are so lightly hunted these days (big game are more popular, even with new hunters) whether or when they are hunted has no bearing on year to year populations. The current year’s mast supply (acorns, hickory, and walnut — mostly acorns (oak)) has the greatest impact on next year’s squirrel population.

Personally, I would never kill squirrel I don’t intend to eat. They are quite tasty!  They are also excellent teachers of woodsmanship. One learns tree species (where they will feed), behavior, stalking, and of course marksmanship when hunting squirrels.