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I picked up my airmax extreme from my local post office yesterday. I’m pleased with this unit so far and that mrodair has made the effort to provide the initial configuration upgrades. It takes time to do these things folks and it’s a safer way to go than buying it online from some bonehead in Taiwan that likely doesn’t speak English.

So far the only comments that I have for improving the product are:
1) The unit was double boxed which is good but perhaps placing a thin/rigid piece of wood (1/4 inch) on the top and sides (having panels) of the unit, outside of the plastic wrap, would add more protection. Apparently USPS put some heavy loads into the box that bent the top and one side panels.  I was able to push the top panel back into shape without removing it, but the side panel will need to be removed (easy enough to fix).
2) The pressure gage could use an elbow fitting to take the bending strain off of the pressure line connected to it.

I will post some pics of my setup when I get it together.  I have a good sized desiccant dryer (rated for shop air) that I’m thinking of putting on the inlet side of the 1st stage of the compressor.  I will supply the inlet to the desiccant dryer with 5-10psi (regulated) from shop air so as not to starve the 1st stage, in case there is any resistance passing through the dryer. I will add a flow meter to monitor inlet flow.  I will learn more about the cooling and pressure cutoff when I get into it.

The quality of the components look pretty good and I think this thing will last just fine if properly operated and maintained.  I’m happy to pay the $70.04 shipping cost as requested in the paperwork.

If you are going to consider a Taiwan unit, it is much lower risk to source it from mrodair in my opinion.