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I got the AT44 10 Short and depending on how close you want you velocity spread you will only get about 24 to 30 usable shots. The best thing to do is fill your rifle to 3000 psi and start shooting it over the chronograph and record the fps till it drops off. When you fill it again note how low the psi/bar went down before the fps drop.. Look at your recorded shot string and hopefully you will see the velocity curve. Then decided what an acceptable fps spread for accuracy and try to fill to a psi/bar level that will give you that velocity spread. I think before I put a regulator in my Hatsan I was filling to 2800 psi and shooting down to 1800 psi or 193/131 bar and getting about 24 shots within 20fps. Bill PS I don’t know if your Hatsan is the short or long version. That would be 180cc vs 230 cc air tube.