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“spysir”It is 2016, NO exercise or effort is liked too well by many. That said, you’ve pumped your discovery so you will have no problem pumping a marauder, any healthy person can use a hand pump and even going to 3,000psi isn’t very hard.

 A 3,000psi tank will work as you’ll be tuning ( adjusting but folks like to say “tuning” ) it to suit you anyway and very likely will not be going to a full 3,000psi unless you have a true need for max power.  As stated scuba tank are fairly low cost and if you find a steel tank ( they do cost a bit more) it should have a 3442psi fill, and most are larger. I have a110cf 3442 steel tank and it is a good bit of air,

 You will enjoy the benefits of a marauder over a discovery so much you’ll not even notice pumping because your smilling so much from the huge step up in airguns/


I think you sold me on just sticking with a hand pump. Since I would mostly be using the rifle for hunting my hand pump should be just fine. I live in michigan and currently suppressed air guns are illegal for hunting, but our Natural Resources Commission is bringing this up for a vote next week. Their decision basically decides whether i will purchase a marauder or not.