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“briansmith”I absolutely am  not an air gun mechanic.  A friend sent me a heavier spring and hammer, and I can’t get it back together properly with the newer parts.  When I took it apart the pieces and spring just fell out and I looked at the online pictures for a day before I even knew where all the parts went. ;o)  Then realized one small spring was missing.  I searched and crawled around on the floor for an hr before I finally located the small hard to see rascal.  Then it popped out again.  I’m grinning now but not at that time..I’m trying again today but I’m ready to just ship it off. I have all the online info but I’m missing something.  Should’a left it alone.  It is “very accurate” and shooting 650 fps stock.  Thanks Brian

oh ok. Most any gunsmith should be able to get it back together if they have access to a diagram.

FYI – if you are still running CO2, I seriously doubt an increase in hammer spring (alone) will get you any increase in FPS, it will likely just get louder and cost you in shot count.