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Very good news. I was lucky and bought my Crickets almost two years and cost € 1000 and never had a single problem with it, air and pellets and shoot.Anyone now buys a Crickey for 1100 euros, two weeks bought a  Fx 500 regulated in Spain for just over 900 euros. The Fx bobcat keeps the same price last year when it was launched between 1300 and 1400 euros being the last year of this version to be sold for 900 euros in cal.177. In short sells very keeps prices up or, if not sold friends have to lower even if the product is good or even better than the competition. My impression of the mutant and the Vulcan is an evolution of my Cricket. I am not saying as it were a bad thing. I loved put the hand in either of the two. The Vulcan is for sale in my country for 1,500 euros ….. It costs 50% more than my Cricket cost me. Is just impossible to buy a it is almost the price of an Impact’s crazy the price of two weapons.