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Have to agree with Glad to see prices coming down on some imports. Even if you MUST have a$2,000  airgun lower costs certainly make getting new folks involved easier.
Prices change, many reasons. Prices on AA rifles have more than doubled in the last 7 or so years, people buy them. The Bam50/51 hit the market at over $400.00 ( and being the lowest cost pre-charged they did sell) then closed out at $200.00.  The AR6 pistol closed out at $300.00 when discontinued, then when resurrected sold for $600.00 and due to ????? it sold well briefly. There is nothing truly new in airguns, too many people with too many ideas have come before us. Don’t like the current price, don’t buy.
 Airguns are for improving your shooting skill, and, fun.  They are not needed. Have fun, be happy, shoot some more, be happy.