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I understand there was an issue with the Mutant Short’s barrels. The manufacturer actually ran out of CZ barrels and supplied the Shorts with barrels made in Taiwan. Those didn’t work out so well. Guys were buying the Shorts without barrels and sourcing barrels from another Taiwanese barrel maker. This video link is a review of a Short with a sourced barrel. BTW, TGAG has the Short on sale for a very good price, and it will equip the guns with CZ barrels. I’ve ordered one based on the results of my many questions on the Talon forums, and this review:  
The manufacturer has contracted more barrels for CZ and will ship future Shorts with that barrel. The Standards came with CZ barrels. BTW, I have to say that statements referring to “typical Chinese quality” can be misinterpreted the wrong and worst way, and could be seen as subtle innuendo. What does China have to do with the Taipan Mutant anyway? What is one supposed to think of such statements?