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I copied a test result from TGAG: “I took The Huben K-1 to my backyard range to test out the accuracy. First I turned the power dial down to where the 15.9 JSB are 950 fps. The first groups were not so good. I tried heavies; not so good either. It’ll get a raccoon but forget the chipmunk. WHAT’s goin’ on here ! The Huben has a lot of adjustments to speed AND power. By power, I’m referring to the setting of the regulator. The gauge on the side shows the reg. psi– 155 bar —-Maybe a bit too much for the soft JSB. Or too much turbilance from the high psi. So I turned the reg down to 110-115 and whalla—groups shrunk down a lot. I can’t say they are benchrest groups but you can get that chipmunk now.I then tried out the power potential with pellets. I dialed the speed up [reg still @ 110] to 940-950 with JSB 25 gr Monsters. Same groups; about 5/8 to 3/4 at 30 yds — acceptable hunting accuracy for out-of-the-box.Next time I will test out some swaged bullets.:”
Perhaps a useful perspective?