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The rebuild saga continues:

After reseating the new barrel about .065″ deeper into the action, all JSB pellets now fully seat inside the barrel. I have begun to make hammer adjustments, and accuracy seems to be the best with the 14.3 JSBs. I am getting 785 FPS with the 14.3s, which is 19.6 fl lbs. with the only modification of opening the hole in the action to .120, which is just slightly smaller than the brass transfer port, which is .125″.  Yes, this is the Elite model, that the factory specs list the power at 15 ft lbs.  Accuracy at about 20 yards for 5 shot groups is less than .250″, and needs fine tuning yet, but is getting consistent – a definite improvement. I fire 1 pellet at 1 mini bullseye (aspirin sized circle) at a time, and then go to the next mini bullseye from left to right to track the groups pattern. I will keep making minor hammer length adjustments until the group size is as small as I can make it. I am filling to 185 bar and shoot down to about 135 bar. This air gun is unregulated, but 15 shots have a total velocity spread of only about 10 fps, which is pretty good. The shot string starts at 780 climbs to about 790, then back down again. The air tube holds very little air, so I am pleased with the air consumption. I won’t put a regulator in the air tube because the regulator will take up too much space. With my extended shroud, scope, rings and magazine it weighs only 6 lbs 3 ounces. I will end up shortening my replacement shroud, but its prototype length takes the little Brocock to 38 total inches. Shooting indoors,  it is about as loud as a Daisy Red Rider.  Despite the action being not as smooth as a Theoben, FX, BSA or others, and despite the magazine design which is not as nice as a BSA or Daystate, this lightweight Brocock is growing on me.