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To the OP, I’m experiencing just the opposite situation.  I use an air rifle for squirrel and pest control generally at 30-40 yards.  I purchased a custom Macarri Tarantula R9 .22 years ago when Jim was building them.  It has always served me well for my very limited use and probably only have <250 pellets through it in its many years.  The Swift 5.5×20 scope was a good choice for it.

Then I was bitten by the PCP bug in December and picked up a new .22 Cricket a few weeks ago, a 25x Hawke scope, quality rings, bipod, extra mags, pellets, quality case,  carbon fiber tank, etc., I probably have close to $3000 tied up in the PCP in the last month, I literally haven’t even fired it yet and am thinking about selling it as its really more than I need.  I’ll let one of them go, either take a loss on an absolutely brand new and unfired by me Cricket (Air guns of Arizona test fired it and supplied the target) or sell Macarri springer.   At age 60, I don’t need both, and have too many other hobbles to keep me busy.  Good luck..