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I started with springers and still shoot mine mainly to relax and keep my skills sharp. Later when all the dumb ground squirrels were gone I got into PCPs. I don’t think you can go wrong with the HW95 IMO. When I finally took the plunge to a higher end springer I looked at the TX and the HW97 and settled on the R9/HW95 due to it’s lighter weight and excellent reputation for accuracy. Once you learn your hold and proper pellet they are amazing for the 30 yards and under stuff. When I’m “in the zone” I can shoot a hole in a tiny leaf at say 15-20 yds offhand, then put a pellet through that hole! Having said all this, when my R9 was my only gun I was pretty confident out to 50 yards with it. If you look at weight I believe the Pro Sport is a rather heavy gun compared to the R9/Hw95.