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I want to thank Paul Stakun for putting on the FLUBR BenchRest event.
Was sorry to arrive and find an Ambulance parked out front, administering first aide to Paul. Apparently he and his wife had gone out to eat the previous night and developed a bad case of food poisoning? Lots of really nice people showed up from as far away as Yullee Florida and maybe even farther. Lots of high end rigs and even an electrically/ actuated  solenoid trigger–Thomas rifle. Lots of feinwerkbau rifles and a couple of Rapids– even a spud gun ( USFT) rig , although I can’t Remember if it was actually used in competition. I shot my brand new Thomas .177 caliber rifle that arrived only several days ago. Topped it off with a Leupold 40X45 competition 1/8″ target dot -sight.  Used the 16.2 grain JSB beasts–
Sorry that I didn’t get many photos – due to timing and some problems with my wobbly bench. The Range officer tells me that they are working on getting concrete shooting tables. After my first card I found out that they had sort of braces made up to jam under the rear of the tables to help in stabilization — helped a wee bit??–
One gentleman actually shot standing up. 
At any rate I had a very good time,and met some really nice folks-
And hell, in the end, nothing beats a WIN!