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Less than two months ago I was also trying to decide RAW, FX Royal 500, Air Wolf MCT Extreme, and the Wolverine B Hi-Lite.  I went with the Wolverine and have had it about 10 days.  I like my Wolverine but I have a strong feeling I won’t be completely satisfied until I visit RAW in TN to see and hopefully handle one of those rifles.

I new I wanted .25 and I wanted the gun to be 45+ FPE, under 45″ and under 8 pounds.  The Wolverine is all these things.  (I wanted .25 not because the squirrel requires that size pellet but because I already have 2, .22 — AA S410 FAC and Daystate Regal XL.)

I’m pretty new to all this (3 years).  I think some of my parameters are an over shoot.  My interest is squirrel hunting with shots 50 yards or less (mostly half that distance in eastern woods here in KY).   I’m sure I could live with a 40FPE rifle to get the weight and length down for hiking in the woods on my squirrel hunts. 

I read above about some interested in unregulated instead of regulated. I really like the idea of a high shot count (40+) with a small standard deviation in FPS/FPE.  I don’t see why anyone would want an unregulated rifle? Can someone enlighten me?  I understand the regulation might increase cost?  Does the regulation process (I don’t even know the mechanics of it) add maintenance, reduce durability, or some other down side?

I’d probably sell my AA to make the RAW a bit easier to swallow after my recent buying spree,  but I don’t relish losing $400+ on the rifle.