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 Good luck with whomever is in charge in TN.
Just last year they rewrote to laws to specifically tighten up rules regarding airguns.  Some people were ( self ) interpreting the TN law to say a big-bore airgun was legal for Deer IF it was a muzzle loader and it seems the Go0vt. wanted to make it very clear airguns may NOT be used. 12 month’s after they went to the effort to re-write the law making airguns illegal may not be the best/easiest time to seek change. They are WELL aware of what a modern big-bore is capable of which is likely why they restricted airguns for hunting ” small game” to .25 & under.

 Now about those darn Turkeys ( the animal we hunt ) that run in packs numbering over 100 and DISTROY everything in their path, a limit of 1 ( one ) really, and shotgun only????????    So first you have to fire a shot to scare bthem up/off/away a bit, then when you think the spread pattern will be dispersed enough  – and the turkeys are dispersed enough)  that you wont hit 5 by accident you can fire.     An airgun and a head shot certainly makes since for turkey, but it wont be allowed.