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Well we all know one rifle can’t handle all our needs if we are into more than one aspect of air gunning. It would be nice if an air rifle had some flexibility built into like adjustable and repeatable power wheels and ability to swap barrels. I think companies like FX is trying to accomplish that with some of their rifles and particularly with the FX Impact. It has checked off many of the features I want to see in an air rifle. I personally don’t like the looks of it with the big bottle hanging off the front and no real forearm rest other than the bottle. It is also a little to futuristic looking for me, though I have to say function and performance takes a front seat over looks.

I am on pins and needles right now waiting for my first FX rifle the FX Verminator. My use for it will be pest control that is rats and pigeons and small game, squirrels and rabbits. I needed a rifle with a higher shot count per fill and the Verminator will get well over a hundred at the high power setting of 24 fpe. It has a three position power wheel which will make it adjustable for turning down for rats and pigeons in and around structures. I like that it is fairly light,short and maneuverable. Another plus is the male foster fill fitting and the manometer position located under the forearm. I plan to use my NV ATN X-Sight on it and with short carbine length and bottle weight rearward it should be easier to manage the overall rifle weight. I wish the rifle had the a picatinny rail as my NV sight sits high enough already. I would like to see a sling swivel studs provide and or a short picatinny accessory on the forearm. Once again I’d like to see a simple and less expensive magazine in all rifles. I feel like we are being taken on the cost of these magazines. I am not bashing FX as they really are producing some innovative rifles but just pointing out some things as an rifle owner I would like to see. Like I said one rifle can’t do it all and my next rifle will be for medium game hunting like groundhogs and raccoons. I like the looks of the FX Wildcat as it crosses off many of my needs and meet some of my above wishes though I would like to see a power wheel on the Wildcat. I have focused on my soon to be in possession FX Verminator but you guys can continue to comment on airguns in general or your particular model of rifle. Bill