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“KzooRichie”“Carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle! With a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time.”

You’re just going to have to wait until Christmas.   LOL.

For my list of wants: 

Provisions for target/match Iron Sights and scopes.
Reasonable power—800 to 900 ft/s with the middle weight pellets.
Repeater and single loadable—needs at least 8 shot magazines and a single shot
  loading tray with ample room to access the port
Lower fill pressure—Start at around 2200 psi.
Reasonable number of shots per fill—need at least 30 on the high power setting. 
Reasonable precision—2 MOA is barely good enough, but I’d prefer at least 1.5 MOA,
  less than 1 MOA is stellar.
Quickly Tunable—is a desirable feature. Especially getting down to 10 meter velocities
  with .177, and with no disassembly required.
Rifle length—I have no need or want for bullpups.
Anschutz rail on handguard for match type sling swivels.
Adjustable stock—Comb height is necessary, length of pull and buttplate drop and
  angle are nice features too.
Heavy weight—around 12 lbs with provisions to add weight to change balance and
  muzzle inertia. ( That is from  this:  ]———w–w———> to this:  ]–w—————-w—> )
Calibers—.177 and .25 are the two wanted.