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Hi guys. These guns can be ordered in many configurations that are not shown on RAW’s website. They can build just about any combination you want. I recommend  calling Martin and discussing your needs and desires and let him help you. If weight is important and you can give up a bit of power the HM1000 line is about a pound lighter than the HM1000x line. And if you opt for the carbon fiber bottle and walnut stock you can get a gun under 8 lbs. There are many options for stocks as well. Laminates in different colors, bench rest style, target style, thumb hole or standard, left or right hand, adjustable cheek rest or not but you do have to call to find out what all can be done. Look through all the theads here to see examples of many of the options.
As far as I know the standard barrels in the HM1000 and HM1000x lines are L.W. Some of the target and bench rest models can be fitted with even better grade (though secret brand) barrels. I don’t even know all the options. He can even do custom work as well. Some folks have had the barrels made shorter. There are not many companies that will do the custom stuff that Rapid Air Weapons will. The down side is that you will likely wait a good while to get your gun.  

I’m thinking of sending my stock back to have the adjustable cheek rest added and they will be happy to do it.