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“ozone08”It is a very nice looking rifle but I personally wouldn’t have one due to a poor shot count due to a 162cc air cylinder.  in .22 you’re looking at 30 good shot’s max @40 ft/lbs and in 177 40 shots @18-20 ft/lbs.  As for the leak if I think it was a common fault with the early pressure gauges, air was leaking from a weep hole within the gauge that has since been fixed so I don’t think you’ll have an issue with leaks.  As for the shot count..

I guess the reason I’m drawn to it is because it looks like a traditional rifle.  I like the magazine/clip system with the magnet.  Shot count is okay.  Just one of those air rifles on my list.

If your happy with the shot count then go for it you definitely won’t be disappointed It is a very nice rifle.