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I have a regulated USFT.   I get 120 shots on a 3000psi fill at about 18 foot pounds with my .177 FT rifle before it gets close to falling off the regulator.   The regulator is set at 1200psi.   I have never shot a non-regulated version so I can’t comment on that. This has been my favorite FT rifle out of many different brands I have owned.  

They are simple rifles in operation and to work on.  The hammer strikes the valve and the air from the regulated pressure goes through the swing breach to the back of the pellet.   The hammer force can be changed by adjusting the hammer spring tension with a 4mm hex.  Tim sells two different sized valves.   Weights can be added or removed from the hammer on later models.  The Gen 3 swing breach also has a port restrictor that is adjustable.