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when I first got back into airguns a couple of years ago I was much in the same position as you. I decided on getting a mrod in .177 then another in .25 because I had saved up more than I needed and I figured if I get bored I wouldn’t have a big investment. well I have quite a few now, but the one I favor is the bsa r10 mk2 in .177, I favor it so much I brought another in .22 and will but another in .22 and convert it to .25. does that mean it’s the most accurate or more accurate than my other rifles? no, they are all accurate, my .22 airwolf is no more accurate than my new .22 R10, my airwolf cost twice as much, am I disappointed? no, I paid for the technology, quality, and engineering that went into it.
regardless if what you buy, it’s accuracy will be determined by you, what ammo you use and how consistant you are. money doesn’t determine how accurate it is, just quality and that’s debatable sometimes. buy what’s within your budget and have fun.