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The same thing can be accomplished right at home with a grid boresighter. The turrets are one thing but just check out how much the reticle moves with parallax and magnification changes sometime. One of my optics jumps at the extreme ends of the magnification change and turns just a bit. It can actually be felt when changing the power ring. My PAO Centerpoints have the least movement of almost all my optics believe it or not. A Vortex I checked had no movement, my Burris’s were fine also.┬áJust checked out a new optic recently that had no movement between infinity and 50 yds. and 2 mils movement from 50 to 10. Seems like most of the apparent reticle movement with parallax change is between 50ish yds. down to the optics closest parallax range. A buddy has a PAO Leupold that moves 4 MOA along his parallax range of adjustment.

Norm Johnson used to write some about his optics tests and he said that he had an optic once that wouldn’t track well and he just took the turret and ran it back and forth about 50 times and it seemed to fix the problem. It was in a Varmint Hunter issue awhile back.