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“Bwalton”That makes no sense as there are plenty of rifles at the same price point… On PA there are 138 pcp’s from 400-$900 ? are these all entry level? So If I pay more I then have a pro rifle? I see in a thread that you are indeed having problem with the pro rifle????? No bashing you at all, but I have had my Hatsan for over a year now and shoot almost every day, and hunt once a week some times twice a week when the getting is good and the only issue I had wad running out of pellets.

Of course it makes sense. The entry level PCP guns are the ones in the $400-$500 range which is where PCP repeaters start. Specifically, the Marauder pistol and rifle, the At44 line, the ATP1 / P2 etc. if you start a thread asking for suggestions on an entry level PCP rifle, people always start discussing the merits of the Marauder vs the AT44. I wouldn’t call $900 entry level. Entry is where the market starts. There are a few cheaper single shots like the discovery but not many. For big bores, the entry level price is a little higher but the Hatsan Carnivores are entry level for big bore repeaters and the Sam Yang are entry level for single shots.

I can’t tell if you’re just mad at me because I said I wasn’t impressed with a product you sell or if this is really not obvious to you.