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“Bwalton”This was an entirely poor, read and you do not have a clue as to what you are talking about. First off there is no such thing as an entry level pcp, all pcps are dangerous and ppl should have a good knowledge of them or else bad things can happen…. I think your saying that ppl buy Hatsans because they cant afford other rifle is outrageously small of you to say that, I do not think that was a very nice comment at all. I can buy any air rifle that I want bar none, I hunt on a weekly basis. I have shot and hunted with everything from Daystates, FX , Raw, Cricket, Mrod, Evanix, Jkhan and many others , So why do I have a Hatsan still, well its simple.. It has never gave me a reason to switch, I can put up the same groups as the rest, and in most cases better. I make the same kill shots, and in most cases longer.Ppl have the choice to buy what they like, or what fits their needs… Hatsan is Hatsan, FX, is FX, Vulcan is Vulcan I can shoot a 50yard group with 4 different rifles and my Hatsan and I would not have one problem giving you a $100 if you could just tell me the group that the Hatsan shot out of 5 groups…We are not here to down what ppl have, and how they spend their hard earned money, but to build and encourage one another in the airgun community. Now your opinion is your opinion…..I will not take that from you cause everyone ids entitled to one. There is a lot who do not care about weight like myself all I care about is know down power and accuracy. Your looking at the numbers but never picked one up or held one, like the others did in the video who owns 5 Daystates himself.

Entry level refers to the price, not how dangerous it is. Now take your chill pill