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 Most per-charged rifles have fairly easy adjustments to regulate speed, if not a failry simple hammer (striker ) spring and or transfer port change gets you the fps you want.
Any clubs near you? Are you on ( have you looked at ) the members map?
 Esp. with neighbors a .177 is all you would want, easily capable of shooting 50 yards.
If you consider buying used – from a know airgunner- you will come out ahead. Most people want the “latest greatest” but truth is all the top shelf older models shoot as well, sometimes better.  An original Daystate Huntsman would be great, an original Falcon is outstanding, on and on.  If you want an actual ( inside) 1/2″ at 50 yards and you could go up in price $500.00 you are in the market of several ( used ) AZ tuned compitions rifles.

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