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I am still on the fence and waiting for them to correct the legitimate and systemic issues noted on this forum. Some of these issues were not specific to only that one single gun, such as the quick disconnect access hole, power setting knob wear, magazine cycling issue, etc.

How would one know if they fixed some of these internal discrepancies?  Lacking any announcement of the fixes from FX (not expecting one) or one from AOA as they notice that new Impacts come with modifications, one may only know the issues are fixed when people in the field start receiving them.  For me personally, if they fixed the charging port issue (where the quick-connect is almost impossible to remove)…that would be the most visible sign for me that they corrected some/all of the legitimate issues noted by users.  

It’s not easy for a manufacturer to “announce” that there were changes that needed to be done to their latest model that necessitated a new Gen2 designation. Once hundreds of users already received the first guns that are now designated as Gen1, it creates an impression that the Gen2 are superior and instantly creates less demand for Gen1. The dealers get stuck with the Gen1 models that are now have to be heavily discounted.   Look at the Mk1 and Mk2 Bobcats.