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I like the one piece but sometimes I go for the one I think looks better on the rifle.
So this morning off with the one piece. Most of the time I don’t worry about lapping in scope rings on my pellet rifles. And didn’t spend a lot of time on these. I posted the rifle with the one piece and the two and I’m not sure which I like better. The target shows I have some work to do since that was 10 shots at 20 yards(if it will do that at 50 yards after a few hundred pellets ill be happy). But only around 50 pellets thru it for now. Later today since its in the 60s I’ll try it on my range at 50 yards. And there were no adjustments to my scope made after the change so both sets of rings were close to the same?

P.S. its not hard to stick one of the two piece mounts in a drill press and drill a hole for a stop pin. You just have to make sure the pin is the right length.