Reply To: HW97



“what are Stage 1 , 2 and 3 tunes” ?  Someones sales pitch?  Vmach makes a good kit if you get the entire kit -not just a sping & seal- they are pricy, others makes kits/parts for these also. I have only shot 97’s that were professionally tuned and they were very nice rifles. I don’t think you would be really happy with the firing cycle if you try upping the power. 
It sounds like perhaps you plan on opening it up yourself to work on, if so skip break in and go ahead and degrease , smooth, …, re-grease everything.
If you want the warranty, DO fire at least 1,000 pellets before think about a tune.
If sending it out for a pro tune, as long as you are certain nothing is grinding or such, do as you please.
IMO, it should ( with it’s preferred pellet) shoot 3/4″ at 55 yards perhaps better if your up to  it.

Spriners can be so much fun, everyone needs at least one, also a red ryder.