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This is my friend Pat’s Mac-1 Hunter:   (old style here, I think-?- it comes with a ninja bottle now as one way to go?)

And just for fun Pat sighting in at the 2010 GOB event:

 Sorry not sure what size the tank is, no one seems to know/care ( out of the half dozen usft owners I know), you either like the bag-o-pipes aka rifle, or you don’t. Darn nice triggers and shooting Pat’s rig off a bench I must say this particular example does group. HUGE dia. low pressure tube with burst disc ( maybe an 1,800psi disc  ?) It is set for about 18fpe using 10.5g and gets 36 to 40 ( heck if I know why except maybe an unseen difference in the rifles gauge ) shots per fill.
 Or you are looking for information on the ninja airtank type?