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Thanks for the reply. I suspected I would need to put a tin through her. At ten yards last night, she seemed to purr while being held artillery style. I forgot to ask some questions in my last post that have arisen with my research on this gun. First, what are Stage 1 , 2 and 3 tunes? Second, should I consider them before break in? I have watched the take down, polish up and re-assemble videos. Even looked at the V-Mach rebuild kit . The one thing I saw that seemed worth while was polishing the spring washers and the ends of the spring so that puppy has no resistance with its spin. Also, at its current power level, it would be legal in the UK. How could I ring out a little more power from her?

I am going to be pretty well tied up the rest of the weekend. I will post some photos early next week. She is very pretty for being such a heavy gal. đŸ™‚ …must be all muscle.