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I understand they’ve been around in Europe for a while, but virtually unknown (to me). They look good, but no way in hell I would pay that much for them without some trusted reviews or larger following.  Close to $1,500?  Kidding me?  When I have the choice of a Wildcat, Cricket, Vulcan, etc for close to that price?

With these new “high-priced” rifles flooding the market these other marginal brand names also trying to jump on the band wagon, and dubious paid or “otherwise involved” peddlers promoting them, I am starting to feel being used or at least treated like a rich dumb ass expected to throw down close to two grand on a heresay and based on one “paid” peddler review…  Let’s come back down to reality. I hope the market will correct the prices for some on these lofty and hopeful valuations that trying to cash in on trying to be the latest “high-end wannabe”:….