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The Impact probably does have some issues, but they seem to be relatively minor to me.  There hasn’t been a fatal flaw exposed that I’ve read about yet.  It’s mostly been issues with ramping up the manufacturing process that I’ve read about.  You also don’t hear people singing the praises of the gun with no issues.  Instead, you only hear the cries of frustration from the person with the gun that has a problem.  That’s selection bias.  Unless you have access to data from AoA or FX on return/rework rates there’s little that we can go on to make a reasonable statement about quality.  I’ve never used or handled an FX gun, but I suspect it would be a bit like sitting in a Ferrari for me.  I don’t think I’d want to own one though.  Just as I couldn’t afford to change the oil in a Ferrari, I couldn’t afford the parts and pieces for an FX gun.  I’m fine with my Beetle and my Marauder and well aware that I’ll never set a record on the Nurburgring and I won’t win the Extreme Benchrest competition.