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Is anyone else really disappointed in what Hatsan is offering with the Gladius and it’s price point?

Hatsan are an entry level budget brand. Nothing wrong with that. They make decent first time pcp rifles for people looking to dip their toe. They had an opportunity to offer one of the first affordable bullpups but instead, they price it at $900. This is more than the Jkhan which has significantly more appealing specs. I was expecting a $600 bullpup. They would have sold like free drugs at that price point. 

I would be ok with the transition from entry level to middle premium if the specs backed it up but, looking at the info on the Pyramyd Air site, the Gladius is an AT44 in a bullpup stock. An ****ing heavy and underpowered one too. There is no reason on earth why a bullpup should cost more than a regular configuration rifle. A large manufacturer can make a trigger extension rod for pennies. An AT44 is a decent $450 starter PCP rbut for $900, there is a lengthy list of better ways to part with cash.

The .25 cal puts out a miserable 34ft lb, just like the AT44. There is a 42 ft lb version but that is too long to be a “real bullpup”. Most other 25 cal air guns in that price range are closer to 50 ft lb (as they should be). They retained that awful automatic safety from the AT44 too.

It weighs well over 10lb without a scope. That’s porkyer than Daystates baby elephant, the Pulsar. This alone is reason enough to never buy one. Whoever designed it is obviously not a hunter. Bullpups are meant to be light and agile. No bullpup should ever be more than 8lb before being scoped. 

I don’t know if this is 100% true, but I have read that the version with LW barrels and regulators is not being offered in the US. At least not at launch, so $900 is without a decent barel or regulator. This would mean even more money is needed to bring it up to spec. We could be talking $1100 or $1200 based on what is typically charged for LW barrels and regulators, which is approaching Cricket and Wildcat pricing. I hope this is not accurate but they weren’t advertising Lw barrels on the PA, and they would, wouldn’t they? 

Not sure if Hatsan have become greedy, stupid or both but that slot for the elusive affordable bullpup is still wide open, waiting for someone with a brain to cash in. Maybe Crossman will wake up an release a Marauder bullpup before we die.

I’m glad I bought my Cricket and didn’t bother waiting for Hatsan. It’s just too little and too much, far too late. 

Even if if the specs weren’t an abomination, if I spend close to $1000 on an Air gun, I really don’t want it to have “Hatsan” printed on it. Sorry Hatsan but you are the Buick of Air guns. People only buy your products when they can’t afford something better. There is a place for you but it is not alongside Evanix. 

Or maybe it’s just me and everyone else is cleaning their under-garments at the thought of a 10lb,  34 ft lb, 25 cal bullpup for $900.