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I joined the ShoeBox forum and while not a very active forum got some more useful information. What I am trying to decide now is what Shoebox to consider buying. It appears they both have the upgraded pistons and belt drives. One of the big differences is the fill rates, For those with Shoeboxes which one do you have and what size and types tanks are you filling, from what start and end pressure. and how long is it taking. I right now have a Great White 97 cu. ft. tank and my worst case situation would be filling it from a start pressure of say 3000 psi and going up to 4500 psi. Any idea on how long that would take with the ShoeBox Max or Freedom8. In the future I can see me buying the Guppy 18 cu. ft. tank because of its portability and taking it out in the field. Again any information is much appreciated. Bill