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A Boss Field Target model, that would be pretty fun to shoot I bet. I’d consider getting the field target version if it didn’t cost so much more. I don’t really need all the extra adjustments for the type of shooting I do anyway. I’m mostly just punching paper between 50 & 100 yards from a bench.

By the way all this talk of Royale’s got in my head and I saw AOA had a used Royale 500 in walnut on their site for $1295. When I called to see it was regulated or not, it of course wasn’t, but it was sold anyway. I ended up caving and buying a new synthetic, regulated Royale right there on the spot. Should be here at the end of next week hopefully. Things really do come full circle I guess. The Royale 500 was my first pcp that I owned for over a year. Since selling that one and then trying and selling many other guns in the mean time, the Royale was the one that I always wanted back. I just hope it’s as good of a shooter as the last one I had.

Incidentally, does anyone know where I can find a nice carbon fiber bottle that will fit the Royale to replace the stock bottle?

Also, I would have waited to buy a used one but it seems that they so rarely pop up for sale, regulated ones especially. Is that because there aren’t many sold to begin with or that’s it’s one of those guns people tend to hold onto after purchasing?

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