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Cleared when I first made the shroud it was made as a shroud to try and keep the overall length of the gun down as much as possible, the space inside the shroud is huge and also uses the space inside the frame of the gun. I had thought about an LDC but to get a similar internal volume it would have to have a massive can and that is not something I think would look good on the gun. When I make these I also have to think about looks as well as functionality. A 2 inch can might look OK and depending on how far back I go over the barrel it might still work very well, but I think a 3 inch can on the end of the gun would make it very front heavy, since the gun is not very heavy itself this would be very undesirable for anyone hunting with it. I might be making a prototype LDC and sending it to Bob Vogel for testing, if he says it works as well as the shroud, or close to it then I might start to offer an LDC. The problem is cost versus effectiveness, a 2 inch LDC would cost the same as the 1.75 inch full shroud, so unless it is pretty much equivalent in performance it might not be something I would want to offer. I have to try and make sure the customer gets value for his money, Neil.