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Check to make sure that there’s a place to fill an SCBA tank first.  This is a good place to start.

You might need to search around for paintball and/or Scuba dive shops.  Some people get them filled at the local fire station.  Make sure that whoever you talk to can do 4500PSI tanks.  Many places will only do 3000psi for paintball/dive tanks.

Then decide if you want to buy new or build your own tank setup.  I documented my build project with links to all of my equipment here if you’re interested:
Some of the links might be out dated now, but the important ones are still active.  The guy selling the tanks still has more than 250 of the tanks available, so no rush there.  They are used tanks made in 2008 so they’ll need to be tested again.  You’ll need to see if there’s a local place that will test them for you.  If not, you can send them to hydrotester ( in Bremerton WA.  There might be other places that do it by mail, but that’s the only place I know of.

If you go for a bare-bones set up of tank, whip, and gauge assembly, you can do it for about $300 depending on what options are available locally.

66 ft^3 4500psi SCBA tank: $150
Hydrotest: $25
Fill Wip: $20-$50
Gauge Assembly: $75-$150