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 Make sure you have a place to get the tank filled before you buy one! 
A used 3300 psi scuba tank is probably the least expensive and most useful fill setup IMO, they’re not common but are around. Next best would be used 3000 psi tank. There’s a guy in my area who does Hydro testing and he always has some tanks for sale. Mine cost me $125 each. You’ll also need a K-valve fill setup, they’re available lots of places, but I’d recommend going for the best quality and get one from Joe at His fill whip has a bigger gauge and a microbore hose. Just checked his site, the fill setup is $139.
   Everyone will recommend the .25 cal. Marauder, and they are great shooters, BUT they are airhogs, only getting 16 shots on the stock tune,  And needing a 3000 psi fill pressure. My advice would be to find a used .177 or .22 with a proven good barrel and go from there, they usually come  tuned to work at a 2500 psi fill pressure.  It is possible to tune any Marauder for use with a lower pressure fill, BUT you’ll need a chronometer, lots of air, pellets, time and patience. That being said I have two Marauders, .22 and .25 that work on lower pressure fills and don’t think I could get much better accuracy and performance without jumping to a carbon fiber tank ($$$!) and very expensive PCP rifles. Another rifle to consider is the Air Arms CZ S200 hunter, it works on a 2600 psi fill and is said to be very accurate, though not as powerful or quiet as the Marauder, and it’s a bit more expensive.
Good luck,