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“cjb”Mate, try the search function on this forum and compile your own list from the many posts already written. Or you could PM members and again make your own list. I am sure that both FX and your dealer are well aware of any problems with the Impact (they have already fixed some) and from the posts on this forum it appears that both FX and their dealers have been promptly dealing with any issues.  Be positive, I’m sure your Impact will be just fine!  If not get it fixed for free or return it.  If you are really worried cancel your order and buy a different gun.

Chris in Oz

Well said Chris and I agree. But I have misgivings about the OP premise when he posits the following: 

“…and I don’t care if a competitor appears to be taking advantage of another’s product shortcomings here. There is nothing morally or ethically wrong with exposing the shortcomings of a competitors product or encouraging others to do so. The facts are more important than the posters motives…” 

Another gun maker here appears to be doing just that and MORE, given his behavior witnessed on other forums. I’m not at all sure this gun maker is even slightly interested learning how he might make his own offerings better in contrast to FX. Rather, he seems to be agenda driven in his seemingly never ending quest to bash FX at every opportunity and trying to employ others to so. I agree with the original poster if his desire is to try and learn contsructive criticisms of a particular platform. We need that here and elsewhere. I did a search here with my Impact and gave the dealer a list of items to look through and keep it longer to check a few more things out. But for wanting more information on how to more finely tune my Impact, all is well. So far the gun has worked flawlessly.