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Is there really a problem with FX Impact? That is the question. We keep reading about these so called lists of FX problems. But where are they?

There wouldn’t be back-order lists on FX rifles, Impact including if there was a problem list.

There is nothing morally or ethically wrong with exposing the shortcomings of a competitors product or encouraging others to do so.

On some forums exposing shortcomings of their line of guns they are invested in will get you banned and your post deleted faster then you can type the next reply :) But I agree with you it should not be like that. If there is a problem with poor qc and manufacturing we should be able to discuss it. That is why these days airgun disassembly videos or pics are a must see, especially for some newer brands.

With Daystate, Air Arms and FX however you don’t have to worry about it, even though it is still nice to look at what they have done. These manufacturers uphold their brand values to the highest standards. Where all other brands get judged in comparison to their QC.