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Z: The Virginia decision is sketchy. A PR guy made that determination, not law enforcement. It was done because they see the airbow as an air rifle and their definition of “rifle” is that the projectile must travel within a barrel. Our arrow slips over a tube or as we refer to it, an arrow rest. Rest assurred we are actively pursing its approval in VA.

Alan: Ask any crossbow hunter if they would like a safer alternative. Add in the fact its faster and more accurate. Every single one emphatically says yes. That’s the market. Then ask the handicapped, the ol’ timers, and the folks with medical issues who can not cock a crossbow. More market opportunity. Because technology has jumped ahead does not mean there is no need for it. Still not convinced? The American Crossbow Federation, representing 40,000 members, has rescinded its offer to do a feature article in their official publication AND notified us they will not accept advertising. No market? They’re sure acting like there’s one.

John: Nailed it. It’s a fine line between “need” and “want” and if you ask my wife, she’ll tell you most of my crap is due to the latter.