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 I don’t think it’s  an “orphan product looking for a market” , old fashioned airgun folks ( FX 2000 owners, folks who remember titan & Gc2 airguns, and even all the nice newer video inspired people are NOT the market aimed at ( pun ) .
 Crosman is diversified just in the outdoor sports world at least. It WAS a huge- Attention getter- hit at this years National Archery convention ( so I have read) . Crosman sells ( but I don’t think makes :     )
the “Tormentor” crossbow , and other archery gear, scopes, camo issue rigs, ….   and to quote one crossbow poster ” but I figured at that price, why not” crossbows ARE expensive if you want power and 100 yard groups, ya crossbow folks want 100 yard groups too.
 The name Tormentor was/is also a crosman brand name for an airsoft rig that had a good rap a few years ago. So now maybe (?) the “orphan” crosman was looking for is older and the name clicks? Could be not. Most of their no airguns stuff appears to be from over seas – I have NO real knowledge of crosman dealings-  and the Attention getting, some on airgun forums, more on archery forums, likely many hunting videos out ther? Hunt? Crosmna has Camo stuff !”  look daddy they have pink camo” , better spoend on the pink camo crosman something.
 Who on this forum if offered the chance to five one would honestly say ” No thank you ” ? What archer would say, No don’t even want to shoot a balloon at 50 yards, and if it shoots as well as most air powered archery rigs do ( and many have been made and sold by many company’s and hobby folks) you cant mi9ss at 50 with a scope, first shot you’ll easily hit  a balloon or such even if you’ve never fired anything.
 Maybe it’s like when rock & roll and county music  and men in spandex crossed over/mingled  and the days of Merle Haggard are gone however this are the Good Ole Days so, be happy.  The airbow thing IS  ( they say in print I believe)  made in the USA, Merle would like that. “I” would like to have that job. Big Bore airguns are not legal for shooting in many many states ( TN included, nothing over a .25 cal and then squirrel & rabbit only)  so why have one? I had no “need” to own a .458 DAQ but everyone I ever handed it to smiled after shooting it whether they would ever buy one at any price or not, same deal here for many.  And some people naturally read rules for hunting one way or another – works best if you know your local warden – for a while ” muzzle loaded” airguns above .45 were legal here (TN), in Montana if you owned 186 acres+ NO hunting permit needed, daily limit every day. It seems Hawaii does not allow any airgun hunting, but the law says on private land ” any weapon the owner approves- something to the like- so airgun, airbow, 50bmg, flame thrower, …. . I am thinking in TN you might be able to hunt squirrel with it ( LOL) just slide an empty 30-06 cart over the shaft for a tip and have a SMOKING blunt head.? 
 If crosman sold ONLY nice pre-charged starting tomorrow they might not be in the game long. Branching out is good and for a while they have expaned in the US made things so we DO have decent pre-charged airguns with outstanding support.
 Personally I have NO use for any of the airsoft/other stuff, none at all, but heck I’d fire one of those also if anyone ever handed me one.

I think everyone should email Chip ( or whom ? ) and ask for a “traveling Airbow” for the members here. Back when Randy was running that Green crosman forum ( new crosman forum , ?) he had a “Traveling 1701-P” just before you could really get one, ship it from member to meber each agreeing to make notes and post after using then mail to next member, insured, NO tampering – maybe adjust trigger- . Yup “I” want to fire one, also I am thinking as it does seem to be based of other crosman parts in stock, it would be only a small mater for a hobbyist  ( seems I’ve heard of such folks in the airgun world ) to make iot one style pellet/slug./ball shooting airgun fairly cheap, regulated, hum.

 Look at all those darn words.
Good night all.