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Depend what it is if it is a starling house sparrow or pigeon just blast em. If they are squirrels or rabbits you could live trap and let them go in someone you don’t like’s yard. My co2 airsoft gun kills chipmunks at 10 yards with headshots and with body you will wound them bad. I would ┬árecommend a colt m4a1 the 350 fps version with .20 or .25 gram bbs so they are heavy enough and accurate enough to slow down the velocity. I have it and it is very accurate compared to cheap airsoft guns from Walmart. It is around 15-20 bucks at pyramid air. At my friends airsoft party we killed 4 chipmunks all with head shots. That was with a 475 fps gun. The heavier the Bb the slower velocity so you could get .30 grams if you want. Paintball will do more damage than a airsoft gun they leave big welts. Don’t use cheap .12 gram bbs they have horrible accuracy and are bad for your gun. I can hit pop cans with my m4 consistently at 20 yards.