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“Birdkiller”I have the regular pump handle, a steel breech, and a 4×32 scope and a stock on mine. I have shot 15 pigeons with it and a ton of house sparrows and starlings. I have killer several pigeon with just a stock. And no scope. I’m hoping to get longer barrel for it. One time I killed a brown and white and purple pigeon at 42 yards with open sights he flew 30 yards and died out in a field when I got to him he was dead. Shot placement was in the spine. You can get a larger pump handle I saw one I think it was on Amazon or pyramid air I think or. Maybe they both have it. It hit birds harder than my 1377 butt the 1377 get better penetration. My 1322 is less pellet fussy than 1377 it likes cphps (Crosman premier hollow points) or hatsan express it likes even more. Ten yards 4 shots in same hole about .5 inch groups. I am getting about .40 inch group with Crosman destroyers at ten yards. The 22 will have bigger groups becuse of bigger pellet. But if you mod it a little you can defiantly turn it into a pigeon killer like I did. It depend how far you are going to shoot them at for me it’s less then  35 yards most in barns at 15 .in one day with just a stock and open sight I shot 13 birds in 40 minutes. 6 sparrows 3 starlings and 4 pigeon just sitting in a calf barn. I just looked on Amazon and there is a backpacker pump arm that is a bit fatter that you can use for 1322. I hate the one that on there originally I picked my fingers several times and my nipple after that i about threw my gun in the poop pit  where I was hunting.

Thanks, I found it and it’ll be useful. A little after posting this I actually pinched my finger pumping it so this’ll be useful. It feels small in my hand too so next month it’s mine. I’ll have to wait to get the steel breach though. I’ll get that and the better trigger later.