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John thanks for the picture again. I was trying to figure out what to buy and how much to put into the filter on the in side of the shoe box. What filters did you use there. I know you just added the Diablo filter recently. Was that done to give you that last bit of protection and peace of mind for not getting moisture into your system. I was looking at the California Air compresser # 4610 partly for the quietness of the unit. The spec are for 2.2 cfm @ 90 psi and 120 max. psi. The Shoebox Freedom8 calls for 120 to 125 psi and about 3 cfm. Do you think this compressor will allow me to utilize the Shoebox at near full capacity. I was trying to stick with the California Tool compressor in their 1 hp range and 8.5 amp draw as to not be tripping my 15 amp circuits. Thanks Bill