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The question of accuracy of bullpups come up a lot, I have a Bobcat 22 and from what I have seen it seems like the FX400 is inherently more accurate  or maybe just easier to shoot. I live in AZ so the only real competitions I see are here, extreme benchrest etc. From all the results FX Daystate and Raw seem to be the hands down winners in fact it seems like nothing else even shows up. I ask this because I want to purchase a 25 also, I like that in a bullpups I can get a 24 inch barrel and not have a 40 plus inch long rifle that doesn’t fit in the backseat of an average car.or be 10 plus pounds to carry in the field. My question is I know how accurate my Bobcat is and I know how my friends FX400 are, I’m trying to decide if the length of say an FX500, would be worth it compared to say a Wildcat or Bobcat with its compactness and maybe less accuracy.