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Yup, they say they are running their cnc 24 hours straight.

Personally I wonder just what the change overs over the years mean to past designs/tooling/whatnot with the change over in  machining from ( heck I cant recall) to the new machines & crew & building , do they currently even offer a blued rifle? 
Back when they came stamper RWS  the certainly did make a good looing rifle. The Tarantula in walnut comes to mind as a rig with old school ( not so popular these days?) fit & finish, nice figured walnut and deep bluing.
 And – some people may not remember- what the heck did they ever do with there .20ga that was designed & tested back in 2002ish? LARGE single airtube that was devided into two sections, forward section was high pressure with a push button that charged the firing cylinder , bolt action.  I’m would think they did a world wide study and thought the market just wasn’t interested at that time but as times changed  seems it would/would have sold well at some point.      Blah blah, pardon the ramble.

 Personally I still like  a rifle that feels right, has some wood and metal, naturally I will still test fire any airgun you will; hand me though.
Poll, How many have or have owned an old school FX?