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I’d like to see the traditional styling of the FX 4-500 with a wood stock (as well as synthetic), adjustability of the Impact, magazine of the Wildcat, CF removable bottle to reduce weight, and picatinny rail scope mount. Regulated, of course. 
It would also be nice to have an upgrade laminate stock and/or adjustable comb (cheekrest) available for some extra $$$.
That would be a winning combination! Build that FX! You can bet that I’ll do what I can to be the first in line! 

Cliff, I could second a lot of what you posted. Had a 500 for a short time and I really miss it. Mostly due to the comfort of the stock with that great little thumb rest. Had a Bobcat too and it just didn’t quite fit my shooting style. I’ve always had a difficult time with the bullpups and preferred the traditional styling. I’m hoping that learning to shoot bullpup has made me a better overall shooter. It would seem logical that the next step for the FX lineup would be to bring out a traditional style rifle again.
Personally, I hope they see that first line I typed, first line I typed, first line I typed. It’s right there at the top. ^^^ ;)