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The biggest thing with hand pumps is to take your time.  Don’t be in a rush to make each successive pump, nor to get the rifle filled quickly.  I have used my FX pump to fill everything from Benjamin Marauders to FX Royales, an FX Independence (not many pumps for this last one), to filling an older Daystate Schmale (sp).  I found that after a week or so I got used to pumping and then I could operate the pump consistently with pump heat being the final limit.  50 pumps was a good break point.  I would make 50 pumps, stop – do something else – come back 10 minutes later and do 50 more pumps and so on.  Even though I now own a compressor and two different sized bottles, I do not mind filling rifles with a pump.  I kind of enjoy the cardio workout.  Reminds me of doing “hill repeats” when training on my bicycle.   FWIW, I am 59 years young, 6’2″ and 205lbs.